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Sandra Raw at

Beech Behaviour Centre

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If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch.


Behaviour Support For You & Your Dog

We can't wave a magic wand or offer quick fixes, but Sandra Raw at Beech Behaviour Centre is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist who can work with you and your family every step of the way. It is a partnership and we help you build long term behaviour change that works for you and your pet. 

Choose one of our behaviour packages but if your pet has multiple issues and you are unsure of which package is best for you ​just ask us and we can create a behaviour package for you.

I was advised by my Vet to seek help from Sandra Raw as my Miniature Schnauzer Tegan had become very anxious and nervous with noises both in the home and outside. She also hates heavy rain noise, thunder and fireworks. After following Sandra’s training techniques and advice, she has become much calmer. It is still a work in progress but things are improving. I would definitely recommend Sandra as I couldn’t have done it without her.

~ Monica & Tegan

Our Ethos

At Beech Behaviour we recognise that dogs and people learn best when using positive reinforcement; food, play, praise or a combination of these, as a reward. Evidence supports the use of reward-based methods for all canine and human training. If someone asks you to do something, you are much more likely to do it if there is a reward from doing it! ‘What gets rewarded gets repeated!' You never need to bully your dog into doing what you ask them to.

Dogs are like us they have feelings, emotions, good days, bad days, days when things are too much, days when they need to rest and it is up to us the owners, to understand them and their needs.  We enable you the owner learn more how your animal’s genetics, previous experiences, their environment, any medical issues can impact on their emotional state and therefore the behaviour you see in your home.

Beech Behaviour promotes all interactions with our animals based on respect for their species, compassion and understanding of their communication and needs, and that reward-based learning works but most of all that they are part of your family.

We understand that your animal’s health and welfare and the relationship between you and your pet is paramount to them living with us harmoniously in our world. We work with your vet to recognise not just what is effective but what is in the best interests of your pet and produces the best long-term results.
Beech behaviour works with you and any behaviour modification plan will always be taught without the use of fear, intimidation, or pain to your pet.


"Every dog is a different jigsaw"

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