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Amanda & Charlie

Working with Sandra has been so helpful. Our dog, Charlie, used to shake in the car, in the car park at the vets and was labelled 'anxious and aggressive'.  We followed Sandra's advice and training exercises and now he can go in the vets happily and has had vaccinations and examinations with no sign of aggression.  Sandra has met with us regularly and kept in touch between consultations.  Beyond working on the main issue, Sandra has helped us understand much more about our dog's temperament and how our interactions with him can impact on his behaviour.  The training we have done means that Charlie is keen to co-operate and his behaviour in general has improved.  Thank you, Sandra.


Collette & Skye

We first met Sandra several months ago when we were looking for some help with our dog Sky. She is a rescue dog, who had a difficult start, living in several homes before she came to us at 18 months old. She is a lovely dog, bright intelligent and friendly but as it turned out, socially anxious. We had tried a number of approaches but what we were doing was not working and our dog was frustrated. As it was difficult to take her out about, the problem got worse. She needed help but so did we! Then we started working with Sandra and things almost immediately improved. She gave us advice and a plan tailored to Sky’s breed and personality. We worked hard with Sky to implement Sandra’s plan, taking on board changes that we needed to make as her owners, as well as what the dog needed to enrich her life and make her feel safe. This has taken a few months but it was worth every bit of effort. Sky is calmer, happier and fitter and we have strategies and a plan to help her going forward. Sandra’s expertise is immense and she is very definitely dog centred in her approach and advocates rewards-based methods. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their own dog – it made a lasting difference with ours and the only regret is not doing this sooner!


Julie & Bailey

We began working with Sandra after our dog’s nervousness around people and separation anxiety was becoming a real problem. She immediately started to look at the world from our dog’s point of view, working with all our family to implement new routines and consistent approaches. Sandra took a very holistic approach, looking at everything that might impact our dog’s behaviour, which has meant changing many aspects of our lives and family routine. It has been a hard and long journey, but Sandra has supported us every step of the way, with the end result being a much happier and more settled dog.   I cannot recommend Sandra enough - her passion and commitment to helping us and our dog has literally changed our lives


Stephanie & Rocky

We were struggling with Rocky’s reactivity to other dogs but after just a few sessions with Sandra things began to improve. Our walks are now much more relaxed and we worry a lot less when we see other dogs.


Sandra is amazing! Everything she told us to do has worked.  She is kind, patient, empathetic and clearly cares for all dogs.  We wish we had contacted her earlier.


Rob & Polly

I was referred to Sandra Raw by my Vet when my Miniature Dachsundt, Polly, developed significant anxiety after a short stay with a dog sitter. Sandra quickly diagnosed Pollys condition as the result of a traumatic event during her dog sitter stay and I contracted with Sandra for a course of treatment. After the course of treatment was completed, she no longer showed signs of serious anxiety and appeared an altogether more confident dog. I couldn’t be happier with the progress Polly has made under Sandras tutelage and would be happy to recommend her to others whose dogs are demonstrating behaviour problems, without reservation.

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