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About Sandra Raw

BA (Hons), Dip Ed, MRes, Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CAB), Full Member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) 

Sandra Raw is a highly experienced Animal Behaviourist providing consultation for over 12 years on referral only. She believes that every dog is an individual and each case is treated as such. Working with you every step of the way and alongside your vet, ensures your dog has the very best treatment plan. Sandra has a Masters degree in Anthrozoology from University of West of England. She is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist and is a full member of  the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC).


Teddy is our 4 year old Cavapoo, it was apparent from a young age that Teddy was a very nervous dog and not keen to be around people outside of our immediate family or other dogs. He started off barking at any visitors we had over and barking at people and dogs at the park, this progressed to lunging and then unfortunately he became snappy with visitors in our home. Having children and their friends round I started to become increasingly concerned with Teddy’s behaviour. My vets recommended Sandra, straight away I felt comfortable with Sandra and really trusted that she knew her stuff. Sandra worked with myself and Teddy offering advice, solutions and was there beside us every step of the way. Making some changes and following Sandra’s advice Teddy is so much happier, calmer and I feel confident in the steps I must follow to ensure that everything runs smoothly. I wish I’d met Sandra 4 years ago but am very grateful to have worked with her now and have the ongoing support. Would definitely recommend, thank you Sandra! 

~ Rebecca & Teddy

"What gets rewarded gets repeated."


Conservation Work

Every year Sandra works on the Mankwe Reserve in South Africa


"My journey with conservation began over a decade with a volunteer project that ignited my love of this vast and exciting country. It is now my second home and my life there has widened to include a wide range of animal species. I have had the privilege to work with from elephants, cheetahs, and Leopard conservation I have finally ended with the love of my life Rhinos.

For the last three years since the completion of my Masters in Anthrozoology I have worked with this magnificent species at Mankwe in Northwest Province. Here on earth since dinosaurs and now killed for their horn which is made from Keratin. Perceived to be a source of long life and offer medicinal properties it is sought after by many, and they are killed.

From dehorning them to try and keep them safe to managing their environment through anti-poaching efforts I enjoy it all.  Working with German Shepherds and Bloodhounds to support anti-poaching dog skills is an area of conservation I truly believe my behaviour and training skills add lots of value.

Can’t wait to be back on my twice a year visits to my second home!"


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Would you like to experience conservation on the frontline in Africa?

Join Sandra on a once in a lifetime trip to Mankwe, SA on the Rhino Reserve in 2024 with her charity Animal Saviours..

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If you have any questions then please feel free to get in touch.

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